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Trivia Night



Saturday, February 4th at the Masonic Lodge in Wilmette was the place to be!  More than 200 excited trivia fans and friends assembled dressed to match their teams’ themes.

Natasha Miller of Parents Against Humanity answers a question from celebrity host Michael Huff as emcee Tom Baer looks on

Competition was intense as Another Brick in the Wall, Masonic Monsters of the Midway, Trivia Newton John, Cards Against Humanity, and Never Mind the Trivia teams wracked their brains on a wide variety of trivia.

Team Dropped Pins included Matt & Sara Winstanley, Joe & Sarah Donlan, Bert & Sara Brahm, Michael & Andrea Taylor, and
Matt & Allison Singer

The Best Laid To Rest 2017 were played by Katherine & Greg Byrnes, Karen & Don Holmberg, Pat & Liz O’Toole, Kandy O’Connor, Meagan Carmichael, and Scott & Sally Pofcher


The winner of the 5th Annual Trivia Night was decided after the auction rounds which vaulted Parents Against Humanity to first place.

The Breakfast Club enjoyed their spot in the limelight winning “Best in Show” for their imaginative theme and clever costumes.

Proceeds from this fundraiser support the Foundation’s Gripp Grant program funding educational programs, equipment, technology, and experiences not covered by school district budgets.  Thank you to everyone who participated in Trivia Night 2017.


On Saturday, February 6th over 200 friends, neighbors, and trivia buffs formed teams and came to the Masonic Lodge in Wilmette dressed according to their own creative theme.  

The Great Guessbys, Trivialocity Gnomes, Wookieing for Love in Alderaan Places, Rydell High and The Who’s Who of John Hughes were just some of the teams that competed.

Wookieing for Love in Alderaan Places

After displaying impressive knowledge of random facts  in 7 rounds of trivia, the winner of the 4th Annual Trivia Night was named.

This year the Village Spice team of Doug Toft, Jenny Ferrer, Devan & Nunzio Castellano, Paul & Sarah Jane Titterton, Matt & Mary Kaczmarek, and Chris & Nicole Toft took home the Trivia Winner’s trophy.

The Legends of Rock


The proceeds from this fundraiser will support the Foundation’s Gripp Grant program, providing funding opportunities for innovative educational programs, experiences, and technologies.      Thank you to all who participating in the 4th Annual Trivia Night!

Team member of “More Cowbell”….Mary Katherine Gallagher!



Foundation Trustees Katherine Byrnes and Liesel Brown with Wayne’s World “Garth Algar”.


One of the teams that paid tribute to John Hughes…”The Who’s Who of John Hughes”


“80s Battle of the Bands” team member tries to answer an auctioned-off trivia question from Trivia Emcee Tom Baer. “Surprise Guest Trivia Emcee”, Tom Ricketts looks on.



Einstein’s Theory of Triviality









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