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Gripp Grants In Action

Here are some updates on recent Gripp Grants.

Romona Outdoor Learning Gazebo


Students and teachers are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to learn in their new outdoor classroom. From preschool reading time to elementary science exploration the gazebo provides the school community with a unique extension of the main school building. It’s almost like a one room school house from year’s gone by! Romona School Principal Cindy Anderson is thrilled for students “to engage with the natural environment in an innovative and exciting way!”




Breakout EDU Boxes

Teachers and students at all elementary schools and WJHS have been wildly enthusiastic about these boxes and their potential uses.  They have been used at every grade level in multiple classes from science to music to social studies. A Harper school social worker and an LBS ran a Breakout focused on the skills they are teaching to students in their social skills group.  “This box helps target SO many skills – and works with ANY curriculum,” said Harper DST Sue Flachsbart.



Central School Mileage Club

At recess, Central School students can choose to participate in the optional Mileage Club. Students track laps walked or run and have a personal card scanned to log their distance. Many students set a goal to complete a marathon over time. According to PE teacher and program innovator, Kathleen Peth, the record so far is five marathons in one school year!