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2nd competition of the season was the Grayslake Invitational on Saturday, February 7.

Ms. Eakley and Ms. Utynek said it was another awesome day of competition and they are so proud of all of the students! Several competitors stepped in at the last minute to fill some slots and there were several who competed in 4 or 5 events IN A ROW!

The kids showed great character by being willing to help out their teammates and it was impressive how the students were able to “go with the flow” and be flexible with all the unexpected challenges that pop up on a competition day. Whether it was a broken device, an event that was run differently from how they prepared, or an unexpected topic on a study event, D39 competitors rocked it! The invitational was the perfect setting for one of the most important lessons learned through science and Olympiad…how to work together to solve problems!

This was one of the largest competitions that D39 has ever attended with 42 teams at the invitational; 21 Varsity and 21 JV. Our Varsity team placed 10th and the JV team took 6th place! And, again, many students came home with medals. Congratulations to these students, the students who medaled at Lisle and to the entire competition team!

Jasmine Wu and Dahee Kim – 1st place – Write It Do It
Dahee Kim, Samantha Fountain and Angela Sun – 2nd Place – Picture This
Max Pegg, Arjun Kaura, and Finja Scholz – 2nd Place – Experimental Design
Jake Vile and Gavin Yuan – 2nd place – Meteorology
Jack Shimkus and Patrick Sutherland – 2nd Place – Elastic Launch Glider
John Keenan and Danny Park – 3rd Place – Bottle Rockets
Gavin Fountain and Madison Drees – 3rd Place – Wheeled Vehicles
Ethan Chan and Patrick Sutherland – 4th place – Robocross
Caroline Bewley and Alina Scholz – 4th place – Green Generation
Lucy Titterton and Adam Panzica – 4th place – Bio Process Lab
Neil Dhote and Katherine Lasonde – 5th Place – Dynamic Planet
Dahee Kim, Won Yang, and Pranav Doradla – 5th Place – Experimental Design


The D39 Olympiad team competed in its first Invitational of 2015
in Lisle on Saturday, January 24 and it was a great day!

The students were amazing as they competed in their events, kept their cool under pressure, problem solved through last minute glitches, helped each other out, and even stepped in to compete at the last minute! Once again, the teachers leading the competition team, Alison Eakley and Amanda Utynek, were VERY impressed by our students. What an accomplishment for our team!

Quite a few students were awarded medals for their efforts in preparing for their events.

Maggie Lin and Richard Jo – 1st place – Green Generation
Da Hee Kim and Jasmine Wu – 1st place – Write It Do It
Max Pegg, Arjun Kaura, Justin Gorodetsky – 2nd place – Experimental Design
Angela Sun and Jake Vile – 2nd place – Meteorology
Nathan Moy and Karl Florida – 2nd place – Fossils
Sangmin Lee and Samantha Fountain – 2nd place – Crave the Wave
Alina Scholz and Chiara Awatramani – 3rd place – Green Generation
Gavin Fountain and Madison Drees – 3rd place – Wheeled Vehicle
Maggie Lin and Damin Kim – 3rd place – Can’t Judge a Powder
Sangmin Lee and Won Yang – 3rd place – Anatomy
Danny Park and John Keenan – 3rd place – Elastic Launch Glider
Sangmin Lee and Neil Dhote – 4th place – Solar System
Jack Shimkus and Ethan Chan – 4th place  – Elastic Launch Glider
Gavin Fountain and Adam Panzica – 4th place  – Bio Process Lab


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District 39 National Science Olympiad program

The National Science Olympiad program is one of the premiere science competitions in the nation, providing rigorous, standards-based challenges to 6400 teams in 50 states. By offering multiple ways to be involved, the D39 Science Olympiad program sets itself apart from traditional programs. Students who are looking for a competitive experience can join one of our Varsity or Junior Varsity teams. Those students who are looking for a fun, non-competitive way to explore Science Olympiad topics can enroll in one of our many enrichment courses. Either way, our program engages a wider audience of students, exposing them to STEM disciplines, careers and practicing scientists.

Non-Competitive Olympiad Program

The D39 Educational Foundation has put together an offering of science enrichment courses as an alternative to the more traditional, more rigorous competitive program found in most school districts. While based on the National Science Olympiad’s events, the Non-Competitive Olympiad program is designed for students seeking a low-key and fun science enrichment experience. We offer a wide range of programs from all STEM disciplines, each taught by an expert volunteer from our community or a member of the D39 faculty.

Competitive Olympiad Program

The D39 Foundation also sponsors competitive Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. Led by Alison Eakely (HMS), the teams compete at invitational and regional competitions around the metro Chicago area. Our inaugural season was amazingly successful, with our teams taking home more than 25 medals, including a Gold Medal in Anatomy at the state tournament in Champaign. The success continued in our second year of competing with many medals and top-placing teams across a variety of events. Teams are made up of 15 students who work in pairs to cover the 23 Science Olympiad events. To learn more about the D39 Competitive Olympiad Program, please visit our Competition Info page.

Important 2015-16 D39 Olympiad Program Information

  • Varsity Team Application is due September 18, 2015. Once the number of applicants is known, you will receive additional information about the selection process. Click here for Varsity application.
  • Ms. Eakley (HMS) will coach the JV and V teams.
  • Registration begins October 14, 2015 and ends Oct. 21, 2015
  • Regular courses run from December 1, 2015 – February 5, 2016.  Competition team members may have additional practices and events throughout the year.
  • Up to 23 Science Olympiad course events are available to all interested 5th-8th grade D39 students.
  • Students may take courses for fun or as a member of the competition team.
  • JV Competition team members must take a minimum of 2 courses.
  • V Competition team members must prepare 3-4 courses and be willing to prepare independently.
  • V Comp Team Parent meeting for competition members –  TBD
  • Courses taught by experts in each area of science
  • Pricing: Courses are $100 each. JV Team has an additional $95 fee to the 2 required course fees (total $295). V team costs $330.
  • Students may register for courses at any campus so long as they are not in school during the time of the offered course.

For more information about the National Science Olympiad program, visit the national website.

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To inquire about financial assistance for the Science Olympiad program, please email the D39 Foundation at D39sciolyreg@gmail.com