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Spring 2015 Gripp Grants Awarded

The 2015 Spring round of Gripp Grants were awarded on March 26th. This grant cycle the Foundation approved four grants for projects at four different schools.

8th grade teachers Beth Kalish and Beth Cummo will pilot transforming a classroom at WJHS into a flexible learning space. Node desks with swivel seats and built-in stands for tablets, and white boards will be purchased to create a fluid environment. The classroom will be adaptable to suit different learning needs such as small-group work, whole classroom discussions, debates, collaborative work, etc.

At HMS, 6th grade teacher Eric Resis will pilot differentiated seating options with new, adjustable-height desks. The goal is to provide movement to help maintain focus and attention.

The students at McKenzie will soon have reusable water glasses and pitchers to use in the cafeteria thanks to a grant awarded to the McKenzie PTA and principal Denise Welter. This grant teaches the impact of recycling on our environment and the nutritional importance of water.

The final grant this spring funds the Emmy Noether Project at Romona. This 3-year project aims to raise awareness of deeply rooted societal attitudes and practices related to gender bias as it relates to math. Through teacher training, parent education and programming for young girls, one of the goals is to encourage girls to view their math abilities as expandable and improvable.

Visit our Gripp Grant page to learn more.

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