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Dr. Michelle Larson, President & CEO of The Adler Planetarium, Shares Love of Space With WJHS Students At Math In The Real World Presentation

Space is freaking awesome! This year’s Math in the Real World speaker was Dr. Michelle Larson, President and CEO of The Adler Planetarium. While in her 20’s, Dr. Larson didn’t come to the realization that “space is freaking awesome” until she literally looked up and saw the moon through her binoculars. The stunning details visible on its craggy surface were a complete surprise, and the experience left her eager to explore what other secrets the cosmos had to offer. On April 18th, Dr. Larson shared with WJHS 7th and 8th graders how her interest in math began at a young age and when combined with other tools such as engineering, communication, and design, she proved you can go really far. She attributed her curiosity and drive to figure things out (much like story problems) to leading her on her path to eventually become the first female President of The Adler Planetarium.

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