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Foundation’s SAM Arts Fund Sponsored WJHS Art Show for “Empowered to Be Yourself” Creative Self Portraiture Photography Project


On June 4th, WJHS students displayed creative self portrait photographs at a public art show and wowed viewers with their captivating images. They should all be very proud! The D39 Educational Foundation’s SAM Arts Fund sponsored the project for WJHS students.

The idea behind the photography project was to engage students creatively and thoughtfully. Using photography as a voice, they expressed their ideas, passions, and even fears. In an age where kids are constantly being compared to one another, this exhibit showed how diverse they all are…and why this is a beautiful thing.

The D39 Educational Foundation sponsors complimentary cultural arts events for the community through the Sam Mikaelian Fine Arts Fund (SAM Fund). This special endowment was created in 1998 in honor of the retiring Wilmette superintendent’s 31 years of exceptional service to the District.

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