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Fall 2008 Gripp Grants

Electronic Dictionaries

In supporting the District’s effort to teach across various learning styles, this technology pilot at WJHS will provide 15 electronic dictionaries to enable vocabulary improvement. “Hand-held dictionaries kept at one’s desk will go a long way to increasing the likelihood that students look up words they do not know and will actively increase their vocabulary and improve their spelling skills,” notes 8th grade reading teacher Kelsey Leonard.

Upper/Lower Body Workout Bicycles

In an effort to put the community’s students on a path towards healthy living, with a focus on fitness habits that will extend into adult life, the Foundation is awarding WJHS PE teacher Lynn Bocinsky a Gripp Grant for four workout bikes. Fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body and also affects our minds, which has been a focus of brain research. “Our goal is to get students hooked on fitness,” commented Bocinsky.

Black & White Photography Equipment

The Foundation is pleased to support efforts at WJHS to keep the photography darkrooms operating at optimal levels. All of the District’s 7th graders are exposed to photography as part of the 7th grade curriculum. This course is the most popular elective chosen by 8th graders. Additionally, the PTO-sponsored Photo Club uses the darkroom. “With this exciting update to our photography equipment our students are able to experience science and art coming together in a way that is engaging and memorable for them,” commented Monica Polley, grant applicant and WJHS teacher.

Wilmette Historical Society Native American Mural Restoration

The Wilmette Historical Society is home to the signed and dated 14’ long oil painting, created in 1909 by Wilmette artist Mattie Akeley. “This mural has become a key element in school and scout programs. Its evocative nature and presence provides the opportunity to talk with students about Native American ways of life before the advent of European settlers and about how artists depict those ways of life,” said Kathy Hussey-Arntson, director. “Restoration of this painting will ensure that students and all community members will be able to enjoy this painting for the next 100 years.”

New Trier Township Alliance for Youth (TAFY)

The Foundation is pleased to support TAFY’s efforts in disseminating the findings of a community-wide youth and family needs assessment, to engage key stakeholders in discussing the emotional and mental health of 6th-8th graders in the township, and to stimulate identification of school-based opportunities for action. “This study will complement all the great efforts already underway in D39 supporting students’ emotional health and will work to address a key plank in the District’s long range plan,” said Superintendent Ray Lechner.

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