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Fall 2012 Gripp Grants

Say ‘Yes’ to Improv (WJHS)

Say Yes to Improv! brought 8th grade drama students at WJHS an in-depth study of the art of improvisation. Two guest artists from the Actors Training Center in Wilmette joined drama teacher Dinah Barthelmess in the classroom two times a week for four weeks culminating in a performance given for students and parents. The drama students learned the art of on-the-spot storytelling and relied on teamwork and collaboration to create their informal Improv performances.

Garden Habitats (Romona)

At Romona, a Gripp Grant helped support and enrich the school’s Garden Habitats. Funds were used to improve the bird, butterfly, native bee, worm and “rolly polly” habitats at the school. These improvements will provide a richer experience when classroom teachers use the gardens with their students. Students will also create nature-focused art to be showcased in the Spring Open House.

Chinese New Year – Cultural Perspetives (HMS)

A third grant brought a Chinese New Year celebration to HMS. Students explored Chinese culture as they performed a lion dance parade through the school, wrote spring couplets with calligraphy pens and did paper cuttings. These hands-on experiences helped students gain cultural perspective and understanding.

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