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Fall 2016 Gripp Grants Awarded!

The Foundation approved two Gripp Grants for the Fall 2016 grant cycle.

  • Breakout EDU boxes (All four elementary schools): This grant will provide Breakout EDU boxes which are designed to teach critical thinking, teamwork, and complex problem solving. Similar to the popular live-experience Escape Rooms that are popping up all over the country, students will follow highly-engaging, curriculum-related clues to unlock the Breakout boxes. All teachers at Central, Harper, McKenzie and Romona will have access to the boxes and to a library of games available on the Breakout EDU website.


  • Google Chrome Books (Central) – This grant will fund the purchase of 25 Google Chrome Books and a charging cart. The idea behind this pilot program is to test the durability and feasibility of Chrome Books verses MacBook Airs for use in the D39 elementary schools. If successful, this new technology option has the potential to put more devices in the hands of teachers and students and be more cost-effective for the district, as the cost of a Chrome Book to a MacBook Air is 3:1. Students would also benefit from cross-platform exposure and use.










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