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Spring 2007 Gripp Grants

World Environments Learning Lab

This is a continued grant for Romona School’s garden and outdoor classroom. The garden features plants from many different biospheres, and a set of raised, continent-shaped gardens that will encourage geography, biomes study, cultural awareness and provides access to people of all abilities. See how this project turned out >

Disability Awareness

A full-year program at Central School teaches students about people with different abilities. Through hands-on activities, speakers, and classroom discussions, students get a better understanding of what life is like for people with disabilities. Navigating in wheelchairs, and getting around without the sense of hearing or sight are just some of the challenges that students experience first-hand.

Central School Boys’ Fort

This is the Foundation’s first student-presented and student-directed grant! As part of a math-extension program, 12 fourth-grade boys were given the assignment to design a play structure for the playground. With the help of teachers Suzanne Goff and Jim Tingey, the students used their math skills to design and plan their ideal play fort. Thanks to funding from the District 39 Educational Foundation, the boys were able to see their fort constructed on the Central School playground.

Professional Development Workshop

In keeping with long-term goals of the District, Foundation has granted a Gripp Grant for professional development to Ms. Meghan Flanigan (Highcrest) to attend a creativity workshop focusing on the role of imagination and creativity in classroom instruction.

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