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Spring 2016 Gripp Grants Awarded!


Foundation Trustee Liesel Brown presents Central School Differentiation Specialist, Bonny Skutch with her 2016 Spring Gripp Grant.The District 39 Educational Foundation is thrilled to announce its Spring 2016 Gripp Grants and proud to distribute $12,502 to 3 D39 schools and the District’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction.

  • Mobile learning in the Learning Commons (Harper):  This grant will purchase two items to help with innovative learning in the new Harper Learning Commons.  Teachers, Beth Cummo, Muffy Pinney, Sue Flachsbart, and principal Dr. Sue Kick requested the purchase of hanging whiteboards and 25 Google Expeditions View-Masters.  The whiteboards will be utilized for group instruction and can be pulled down from the walls by the students when working on their own or in small groups.  The Google Expeditions View-Masters are virtual reality tools that will transport learners to different learning platforms including space and foreign countries.
  • Professional Development and Parent Training with Dr. Jo Boalar and Dr. Cathy Williams (District office of Curriculum and Instruction):  The Educational Foundation is partnering with District 39 to bring Stanford University Professors, Dr. Jo Boaler and Dr. Cathy Williams to our Wilmette schools.  Dr. Boaler and Dr. Williams are research leaders in the field of mathematics instruction and are coming to share their findings on applying a growth mindset to math.  This cutting edge research is applicable across all disciplines and leads to students seeing their abilities as expandable and improvable, resulting in a decrease in classroom anxiety.  In addition to working with the District 39 staff, the professors will conduct a parent education event.  The events are scheduled for September 29-30, 2016.
  • Lego Learning Walls (Central):  Central School’s Differentiation Specialist, Bonny Skutch, and a group of  dedicated 4th grade students submitted this grant to fund a Lego Learning Wall in their Learning Commons and two mobile Lego learning units that can be moved to classrooms.  TheLego Learning Wall will be used in math instruction and in story development for language arts classes.
  • Stride track for Mileage Club (Central): Several years ago Central school PE teacher Kathleen Peth started Mileage Club, an extremely popular recess activity.  The Mileage Club is a wonderful activity for individuals or groups that encourages kids to stay active, and to set goals for their own physical fitness.  The Stride track will allow Ms. Peth to automate the tracking of each child’s accomplishments.  In addition, each child will have access to their individual data to track their goals and physical fitness.  Ms. Peth has partnered with the Central School PTA to continue the ongoing success of this program following its pilot year.
  • Ancient Greeks at the Field Museum (Highcrest):  Alexandra Vastardis and her her 80 6th grade Latin students will attend the Field Museum to visit the special exhibit on ancient Greece, Agamemnon to Alexander the Great.  This showcase event is a joint exhibit with the national Hellenic Museum showcasing over 500 ancient artifacts, many shown for the first time in North America.  The students will each research an artifact and upon returning to school will create a virtual museum to share with 5th grade Latin students.  The virtual museum will be available for future Latin students and for thee 6th grade social studies teachers to aide their study of ancient Greece.  This grant was funded in partnership with the Highcrest PTO.



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