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Science Olympiad Success!

A letter from the Science Olympiad coaches…

The Science Olympiad Regional competition was the weekend of March 21st at Oakton Community College.  We are very proud of our Varsity and JV teams!  They have demonstrated the Characteristics of Successful Learners in new ways.

Thinking Interdependently
:  The students formed new partnerships and learned how to work together in new ways with teammates of different genders and grade levels.

Striving for Personal Best
:  They have been working very hard to prepare, meeting after school and on weekends to study or work on building their devices.

Transferring Knowledge to New Situations
:  Students have applied concepts they have studied in science class to new, complex tasks.

Thinking Reflectively
:  Each competition this season has taught the students new things about how to improve in their events and partnerships.

Demonstrating Perseverance
:  The events present significant challenges and the students have had to work through the ups and downs.

Acting Responsibly
:  The D39 Science Olympiad teams have represented our district very well.

Thinking Flexibly
:  Science is all about flexible thinking!

Taking Responsible Risks
:  All students this season took new risks, competing in some very difficult events.


As coaches, we are most proud of our kids and their development and display of these skills.  We are also proud of how the kids have improved this season, and their hard work really paid off.

Our Varsity team, comprised of 15 team members that have been consistent throughout the season, took home a 3rd place trophy and received a bid to the State tournament in Champaign, IL on April 18.  They also earned medals in 15 of the 23 events.

Our JV team for regionals, which consisted of 25 of our 38 team members, also came in 3rd place and received medals in 11 events.

We are proud to be sponsored and supported by the District 39 Educational Foundation. We also are grateful from the administrative support from Dr. Ray Lechner, Dr. Dave Palzet, Amy Freese, Lori Naumowicz, Cindy Anderson and Traci Meziere.  The District 39 science curriculum and science teachers have helped to prepare our students with the foundational skills they need to be successful.

Finally, the outpouring of support and dedication from the parent community has been amazing.  Whether teaching a Science Olympiad course, supporting their child through their events, and spending the day at a competition, we can’t thank them enough for their time and support!

State, here we come!

–Alison Eakley & Amanda Utynek



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