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We’re celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

It’s hard for us to believe we’ve been part of the District 39 community since 1993. Our mission continues to be:

  • Promote educational innovation and excellence
  • Support educators as they raise their aspirations for educational programs
  • Increase students’ global awareness and understanding of human diversity
  • Expand opportunities for students to fulfill their varied interests & talents
  • Encourage community involvement & support for education

We’ve do this through the awarding of Gripp Grants named in honor of Phyllis Gripp (foundation member and former D39 teacher). These encourage teachers, administrators, and others in the community to pursue innovative ideas and think beyond traditional classroom teachings. We fund what the district cannot support with tax dollars alone.

What have Gripp Grants Provided?:

  • Introduction of digital cameras, laptop carts, iPads & SmartBoards to D39
  • Outdoor classrooms & learning gardens at all six schools
  • Learning Commons district wide
  • Academic speakers such as Jo Boaler on the Growth Mindset
  • Fitness & wellness programs
  • Equipment & programming to enhance experiences & environments for special needs students
  • Visiting musicians & artists from around the world
  • Breakout EDU boxes in all schools for team-based, hands-on learning experiences
  • Advanced science equipment such as microscope cameras

Sensory Wall

EDU Breakout Boxes

Jo Boaler

HMS Artist-in-Residence

Climbing Wall

Smart Boards


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